Allergy Medication

Allergy medication is used to alleviate the symptoms that result from allergies. Allergic reactions are the result of your immune system reacting to a foreign substance like pollen, food and venom. Your immune system incorrectly triggers histamines and other substances that lead to allergy symptoms.

Allergies can be mild or serious depending on the person and symptoms can include issues with skin, sinus, airways and digestion. Allergy medication can form part of an overall therapy to treat these symptoms. Other treatments include Allergen avoidance, immunotherapy and epinephrine injections for severe allergic reactions.

There are different types of allergy medications that reduce reaction level or block symptom related chemicals like histamines including pills, sprays, eyedrops, creams, liquids and injections. Allergy medications include: corticosteroids, antihistamines, decongestants among others. Always seek medical advice before starting or stopping any drug therapy.

There are both prescription and non-prescirption Allergy medications available on the market and you should consult your physician to determine which drugs, if any, are appropriate in the treatment of Allergy.

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